Specification of Aircraft Fleet Planning

Advansys Solutions have been working on the specification and development of Logistics Information Systems for a number of years.

A case study example is the specification and technical oversight of the Fleet Planning Toolset for the Agusta Westland Integrated Operational Support programme which includes Sea Kings (SKIOS), Merlins (IMOS) and intentions to include Apache and potentially Future Lynx.

As part of this programme, we liaised with the end users in each IPT and emerging Integrated Logistics Operations Cell (ILOC) in order to develop the requirements. By the use of rapid prototyping techniques, the algorithms and specifications for fleet planning were able to be developed and agreed with the user in a manner which was readily understood by non technical personnel and provided for a much easier software development programme.

Software was developed by a third party company after a technical evaluation process.

This task required interaction and liaison with a wide range of MoD stakeholders and joint MoD and Industry working.

Consideration of the integration of logistics information systems is pertinent to any programme which involves a MoD controlled deployable asset which is largely supported by industry. A programme such as IOS requires both MoD and Industry need visibility of each other's supply chain such that:

  • Industry has near real time visibility of all stock in the forward arena, including unserviceable assets and repairables;
  • MoD can have sufficient access to industry's supply chain such that 'surge operations' and contingency planning can be conducted;
  • Both parties work to an agreed plan for assets, which includes operations, maintenance, training, capability enhancement, equipment transition and ultimately disposal.